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Prospective Authors

Publishers Weekly described John F. Blair’s line as “Southern books with an occasional oddity.” Indeed, we have widely varied interests pertaining to a specific geographical area—the American South, and the Carolinas in particular. This page may help you decide if your manuscript is appropriate for our publishing program.

A brief sampling of our wares:

  • A novel following three women on separate paths to the same place—what was once a Cherokee-owned slave plantation—where forgotten history and some mystery wait

  • A guide to coastal restaurants that keep locals and tourists hungry for more
  • The second cookbook from a chef made famous by the very cuisine she was originally reluctant to claim as her own

  • Debut fiction following a community of barflies in a small town at the dawn of the 1990s, seen through the eyes of a young bartender with a taste for cold beer, bad boys, and philosophy.

  • A biography of star-crossed lovers (he, a black communist seeking the end of an oppressive America and she, the white daughter of a wealthy American veteran) and their part in a revolution

The majority of our titles are nonfiction books for general audiences. We do not publish poetry, drama, collections of columns or news articles, children’s books, or most category fiction. Each year, we publish one or two works of fiction.

Our areas of interest include the following, all with a Southeastern focus:

African-American history and culture
American history
Appalachian history and culture
Civil War history
Coastal Carolina history and culture
Native American history and culture
North Caroliniana
Women’s issues

For more information about our recent publications and areas of interest, please consult our catalog and listings of books by subject.

Click here to view our Manuscript Guidelines.