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Best Practices in University Teaching

Carolina Clements

The Publishing Laboratory of UNC Wilmington
$14.95 paperback
6 x 9           
167 pages
Published in 2006

Best Practices in University Teaching compiles pedagogical essays by esteemed UNC Wilmington professors from a broad range of academic disciplines: English, creative writing, psychology, religion, art, communication, sociology, marketing, and political science. Exceptional educators in every sense of the term, the contributors candidly recount what worked (and what didn't) in their respective classrooms. Among the subjects addressed are the writers' workshop, the value and relevance of the liberal arts, and diversity in teaching.


  • William Bolduc
  • Deborah Brunson
  • Carolina Clements
  • Don Furst
  • Philip Gerard
  • Don Habibi
  • Stephen Harper
  • James Hunt
  • Paula Kamenish
  • Len Lecci
  • Stephen Meinhold
  • Carol Pilgrim
  • John Rice
  • Carole Tallant
  • Patricia Turrisi
  • Brad Walker
  • Barbara Waxman
  • Michael Wentworth


Best Practices makes available the experiences and reflections of a few of the University’s many outstanding teachers. Readers who have taught will possibly recognize themselves and their students in some, if not all, of the essays. Others will recognize the qualities which have made certain of their teachers more memorable than others.” —UNC Wilmington Provost Paul Hosier
“Stimulating conversation about our profession is what Best Practices is all about. This collection encapsulates the rare passion UNCW commits to teaching and to student learning.” —UNC Wilmington Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo