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The Christmas Bus

Robert Inman

Novello Festival Press
$19.95 hardcover
10 5/8 x 8   
80 pages
24 full-color illustrations
Lyle Baskin, illustrations
Published in 2006

The unique history of The Christmas Bus is that it actually began as a play and is now a book published by Novello Festival Press. Blowing Rock Stage Company produced the story of The Christmas Bus as their holiday production in 2003, a world premiere for author Bob Inman, who actually found himself a featured performer in the play.

In The Christmas Bus, Christmas is coming to the Peaceful Valley Orphanage where kindly Mrs. Frump is in charge of a gaggle of rowdy kids.

Frump decides that her orphans need real homes and real families to fill the emptiness in their lives. So on the day before Christmas, she loads the kids onto a rickety old bus and sets off to deliver them to their destinations.

Trouble is, she hasn't asked permission from the busybodies on the board of trustees, who think Frump is too old and frazzled to handle her brood. Along the way, they pick up a traveling troubadour on his way home to a girlfriend who may not be very happy to see him. Soon, what began as a simple bus ride turns into a harum-scarum adventure as Frump and her orphans are pursued by the busybodies—and the suspicious Sheriff Snodgrass.

In what is sure to become a modern Christmas classic, Robert Inman weaves a heartwarming tale of love, laughter, and serendipity. With delightful illustrations by Lyle Baskin, The Christmas Bus will appeal to every member of the family.


“Lyle Baskin's full color artwork wonderfully illustrates novelist, playwright and screenwriter Robert Inman's engaging and entertaining story in The Christmas Bus. Set at the Peaceful Valley Orphanage, this is the picturebook Christmas tale of Mrs. Frump who is trying to find good homes for the holidays for her gaggle of rowdy kids. But when the local busybodies and a suspicious Sheriff Snodgrass intervene, a simple bus ride turns into a terrifically involved and complicated adventure for this band of orphans! Original, heartwarming, and a truly welcome addition to the growing library of Christmas-oriented titles, The Christmas Bus is an enthusiastically recommended addition to family, school, and community library holiday season collections and reading lists.” —Midwest Book Review
“Many raves have been accorded to Bob Inman's previous novels. The Christmas Bus will endear him to youngsters as well as adults.” —Amazon.com reviewer