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Classroom Sucess for the LD and ADHD Child

Suzanne H. Stevens

John F. Blair, Publisher
$13.95 paperback
6 x 9     
328 pages
Published in 1997

"They're coming out of the woodwork!" experts remark on the skyrocketing number of students identified as having an attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or learning disability.

For years, the assumption has been that it is mainly parents who need to be shown how to help their LD/ADHD children. This book is unique in its emphasis on educating teachers and other professionals as well as mothers and fathers—all those who must join efforts to lead LD/ADHD children to academic success.

Author Suzanne H. Stevens also knows the importance of recognizing the unusual creativity and other abilities found among LD/ADHD children, abilities long neglected by a system bent on forcing them into a mold they do not fit.

Stevens offers practical suggestions on: 

  • recognizing the LD/ADHD child
  • adjusting teaching techniques
  • using specialists effectively
  • adjusting classroom management procedures
  • testing and grading fairly

The result is a balanced, optimistic look at ways of helping an increasing number of children reach their full potential in class.


“As a homeschooler with an ADHD/LD son, I picked up this book at the library hoping for some advice on making lessons more doable for my son. I feel like I hit the jackpot! Although directed to classroom teachers, this book contains info that is useful for both parents and teachers. It gives examples of how various types of lesson plans can be adapted to varying abilities without sacrificing content. It provides 'ammo' for parents who (unfortunately) must fight with schools to accommodate their child's needs. It gives a picture of what kind of classroom can meet the needs of ALL students. This book should be read by ANYONE who works with ADD/LD children.” —Amazon.com reviewer