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Coastal Fishing in the Carolinas: From Surf, Pier, and Jetty

Robert J. Goldstein

John F. Blair, Publisher
6 x 9   
243 pages
black-and-white photographs
Published in 2000

Whether you enjoy angling from surf, pier, groin, bridge, or jetty, Robert Goldstein's Coastal Fishing in the Carolinas will equip you with the fishing know-how to land that prize catch! Every aspect of your fishing trip is explored, from selecting rod and tackle to determining the right times and the right locales for the best catch of the day. Filled with amusing anecdotes and tips from the seasoned locals, this comprehensive guide is perfect for every fisherman who wants to explore Carolina coastal fishing from every "angle"!

Choose a location from Goldstein's complete list of "hot spots" along the coasts of both Carolinas. Follow his advice for perfecting your casting technique. Discover the great variety of fish that thrive in the waters off the Carolinas—their habits, their favorite baits, the surest way of pulling them ashore. You'll even find simple and delicious recipes for preparing the finest in fisherman's fare.

Illustrated with photographs, drawings, maps, and charts, Coastal Fishing in the Carolinas is sure to make an average fishing day a spectacular one.


“The book is very informative and a must for the fisherman that has never fished the Carolinas. The author explains in great detail species, techniques and locations. I have used some of his suggestions, with good results. I highly recommend the book for the true fisherman that is going to the Carolinas for the first time.”
“I'd have to say this is one of my favorite books on fishing and one of the most complete books on fishing a particular area that I've ever read . . . even right down to information on exactly where to fish for each species. This book is well written, easy to understand, and well suited to anyone trying to learn how to fish (or how to fish better) from surf, jetty, or pier. Highly recommended.”
“This book has lots of great information about fishing in the Carolinas. There is good information on different types of fish and locations and techniques for catching them. It's pretty cool when the author mentions pier owners, bait and tackle owners, etc. by name. This book is really a must-read for folks wanting to fish the Carolina coast! Highly recommended.” 
—Amazon.com reviewers