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Disorder in the Court!

Bob Terrell and Marcellus "Buck" Buchanan

Bright Mountain Books
$13.00 paperback
5 3/8 x 8 3/8
216 pages
3 black-and-white illustrations
Published in 1984

Here is storytelling at its finest by two well-known North Carolina boys who are no longer with us—Bob Terrell, author, columnist, humorist, and reporter who usually wrote his stories down and Marcellus Buchanan, who more often told his verbally.

These are tales about people at their best and worst—both simple folk and people in high places. Mostly, the stories concern those men and women who were in the public's eye because they worked in our legal, judicial, or political systems. Disorder in the Court! contains dozens of hilarious stories from courthouses, lawyers' offices, and police stations all across the great state of North Carolina.


"Terrell and Buchanan offer anecdotes about punctured politicians and lambasted law enforcement officers ....Disorder in the Court! is to be savored." —Salisbury Post
"These irrepressible kinfolk have collaborated on one of the funniest books to tickle the funnybone in donkey's years." —Rocky Mount Telegram