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The Expressive Arts Therapy Sourcebook

The Expressive Arts Therapy Sourcebook
Sally Atkins and Lesley Duggins Williams


Parkway Publishers
$24.95 paperback
8 ½ x 11  
134 pages
Published in 2007
Educational, Photography & Art

The purpose of this book is to introduce ways of using the expressive arts in counseling and psychotherapy. It offers experiential expressive arts activities for counselors, therapists, students, and expressive artists interested in the arts and healing. This book provides resources for seasoned professionals looking for new ideas and inspiration. Its ideas and structures can be incorporated into practice in a variety of settings, including mental-health and social-service agencies, schools, organizations, and private counseling and psychotherapy practices.


“The author/editors’ passion for ‘being fully alive in an interconnected world,’ and living ‘life itself as an act of artistic making’ gives the reader fair warning that this is no ordinary sourcebook. Rather, it is an experiential guide for self-discovery through the arts and for connection-making of considerable consequence.”
—Harold McKinney, D.A., Professor of Music, Appalachian State University

“This Sourcebook offers much to the beginner as well as to the seasoned therapist. Major concepts related to expressive arts therapy are presented as well as examples of specific expressive arts experiences. I especially appreciate the authors’ philosophy that expressive arts therapy is a collaborative process aimed at optimum health and well-being rather than the diagnosis and treatment of disease and dysfunction. This publication would be an excellent addition to any therapist’s professional library.”
—Lee Baruth, Ph.D., Chairperson, Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling, Appalachian State University