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Fishing North Carolina

Mike Marsh

John F. Blair, Publisher
6 x 9  
352 pages
60 maps
20 black-and-white photos
February 2011

Thanks to well-known fishing expert Mike Marsh, North Carolinians finally have a definitive guide for the entire state in one handy volume. Fishing North Carolinais the only book that covers the multitude of fishing opportunities in all of the state’s regions: mountains, Piedmont, and coastal plain. Whatever type of fishing you prefer, Fishing North Carolina has something for beginning and advanced fishermen, longtime North Carolinians, newcomers, and tourists alike. This book will tell you where to go, how to get there, what fishing regulations are in effect, the best time to fish, the best way to fish (from boat, dock, or shore), key species at each locale, and the best lures to use. Detailed maps, descriptions of the fishing, and general information about the locations will help you know whether or not to expect snagged lures or an enjoyable fishing experience for the whole family.

  • Sixty maps and 20 black-and-white photos highlight the best places and techniques to catch all species of fish statewide.
  • Searchable by location, by species of fish, and by fishing technique, this guidebook makes it easy to find information quickly and efficiently.
  • This book can help you find your new, favorite fishing hole! Many fishermen head straight for the most popular lakes, reservoirs, and piers. But this guidebook will also lead you to those often-overlooked locales that could be right on the way, closer to home, and less overfished.
  • Information on campsites, historic overviews of all the sites, and detailed appendices make Fishing North Carolina a comprehensive resource.