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Ghost Riders

Sharyn McCrumb

John F. Blair, Publisher
$16.95 paperback
5½ x 8½           
352 pages
Michael C. Hardy, foreword
March 2012

Critically acclaimed New York Times best-selling author Sharyn McCrumb chronicles the Civil War in the Southern mountains in Ghost Riders, an extraordinary tale of a war fought farm to farm, neighbor to neighbor in the North Carolina mountains, a part of the South that never wanted to leave the Union.

Ghost Riders is “a compelling Civil War tale with a chilling twist” (Library Journal), primarily narrated by historical figures Zebulon Vance (colonel of the 26th North Carolina and later Confederate governor of North Carolina) and Malinda Blalock (who disguised herself as a boy and went with her husband when he was forced to enlist in the Confederate army). With few people left to trust, the Blalocks head for high ground to avoid the county militia and soon become hard-riding, deadly outlaws. Rattler, an old mountain root doctor who has the sight, speaks for the present; he fears that the zeal of a local Wake County, Tennessee, Civil War reenactors' group will awaken the restless spirits of the real soldiers still wandering the mountains.

Ghost Riders captures the horrors of a war that tore families apart, turned neighbors into enemies, and left the survivors bitter long after the fighting was officially over. This new paperback edition has a foreword by North Carolina Civil War historian Michael Hardy.




“Another epic ballad of a novel, a multi-tiered Civil War story that links past and present with an otherworldly twist.” —Publishers Weekly
“An absolutely fantastic novel that slips readers a serious historical mickey.” —Tampa Tribune
“McCrumb is the true re-enactor, recreating a little known and fascinating part of the Civil War.” —New Orleans Times-Picayune
“Interesting historical fiction, with a dose of ghostly special effects on the side. [McCrumb’s novel] weaves the past and present together in her quilt-like depiction of the Appalachians.” —Atlanta Journal-Constitution
“A compelling Civil War tale with a chilling twist. McCrumb proves once again to be an especially fine storyteller, and her characters’ observations about war in general—and this war in particular—resonate. As well researched as it is told, this will appeal to Civil War buffs as well as to McCrumb’s fans.” —Library Journal