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Ghosts of Georgetown

Elizabeth Robertson Huntsinger

John F. Blair, Publisher
$12.95 paperback
5 x 8
144 pages
Published in 1995

Georgetown County, located between Myrtle Beach and Charleston, South Carolina, is steeped in tales of dynamic men and women who once lived and prospered here. Though these men and women have now passed away, many of their spirits still remain. There are rumored to be over a hundred ghosts in the area, making Georgetown County one of the nation's most haunted locations.

Ghosts of Georgetown tells the stories of twenty of these apparitions. The ghosts in these tales range from the woman who died a horrible and tragic death on her wedding day, to the daughter of a former lighthouse keeper who warns sailors of impending storms, to the phantom choir whose voices can still be heard coming from the ruins of its former church. The stories tell of scorned lovers, innocent children, and wealthy plantation owners who have all returned to Georgetown long after their natural lives on earth were over. These tales weave the history of Georgetown's colorful past with the eerie spirits who roam the region in the present. 




“Last summer while on vacation in Myrtle Beach, I happened down to Georgetown County for a day on the Winyah. The scenery was breathtaking, as was this book. It is an excellent work and I especially liked being able to read the history of places I had been. This book is absolutely wonderful!” —Amazon.com reviewer