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Ilan Stavans

NewSouth Books
$16.95 hardcover
9 x 8
32 pages
Teresa Villegas, illustration
May 2013

Originally published in Cricket MagazineGolemito is the story of how a couple of Jewish boys in Mexico City confront bullying by creating a Golem, the mythical creature of Jewish folklore. The Golem was originally made by Rabbi Lowe, known as “the Maharal of Prague,” in the 16th century to defend the city’s Jewish community from anti-Semitic attacks. In Golemito, Sammy Nurko and the story’s narrator conjure an Aztec version of the Golem that is minute in size and responds to enchanting Nahuitl poetry.

Written by internationally renowned, prize-winning author Ilan Stavans and illustrated by Teresa Villegas, Golemito is both an endearing tale of courage and redemption and an enthralling fusion of the Jewish and Latino traditions.