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Hope for a Good Season: The Ca'e Bankers of Harkers Island

Carmine Prioli

Down Home Press
$15.95 paperback
9 x 7 ½    
119 pages
black-and-white photography throughout
Edwin Martin, photography
Published in 1998

The people who lived near Cape Lookout on North Carolina's Core Banks were a hardy band of fishermen and whale hunters. Driven inland by devastating storms, many settled on nearby Harkers Island, where they and their descendants continued their seafaring ways, fishing and becoming widely known for building distinctive boats. But modern times brought new opportunities and drastic change. Outsiders came; land prices soared; fishing stocks dwindled; tourists arrived in droves. But some Harkers Island natives still cling to tradition, facing each new year with hope for a good season. It is they who are featured in this book about a way of life that is soon to disappear.



“This book gives a wonderful look at what life is like and used to be like on Harker's Island, a fishing community that is now being populated by weekend tourists and the well-off retired. Before life became so hectic and full of modern conveniences, the people of the island were fishermen and boat builders, working very hard by the sweat of their brows just to make enough money to feed their families. Through hard work and endurance, they did just that. This book not only tells a little about yesterday, but it tells of the few remaining fishermen and boat builders on Harkers Island. Fascinating is the life of Eddie Willis and his family. Edwin Martin's wonderful photographs capture the way of life of these people like no one else’s could. Mr. Prioli does an excellent job telling the stories of these hard-working people. I strongly recommend this book not only because of the fishing community, but it will give the reader a greater appreciation for what he has.”
Amazon.com reviewer