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Hungry for Home: Stories of Food from Across the Carolinas

Amy Rogers, editor

John F. Blair, Publisher
$19.95 paperback
7 x 9
418 pages
Published in 2004

In this mouth-watering collection, Amy Rogers has created a culinary portrait of her part of the South. This is no ordinary cookbook, though it boasts plenty of old-fashioned recipes from the Carolina mountains to the Low Country. Hungry for Home showcases the best of traditional Southern cooking and storytelling, along with recipes brought here from around the world.

Some of the Carolinas’ most beloved writers are contributors. Josephine Humphreys describes how to catch and cook blue crabs. Jill McCorkle shares a recipe for fried apple pies, and Lee Smith acquaints us with “Lady Food.” Even former Carolinian James Taylor passes along his recipe for baked beans.

Rogers, an accomplished journalist, profiles in her revealing essays some of the regions’ best cooks. She introduces us to farm families, immigrants, and new Southerners—everyday people who add flavor and variety to life in the Carolinas.

What’s more, dozens of these home cooks share recipes and vignettes written in their own words. Their stories are humorous, poignant, sometimes surprising, and always memorable.

Hungry for Home features recipes and remembrances from these favorite Carolina storytellers and 145 more from across the Carolinas:

  • Ellyn Bache
  • Mignon Ballard
  • Jerry Bledsoe
  • Will D. Campbell
  • Marshall Chapman
  • Cassandra King
  • Pat Conroy
  • Frye Gaillard
  • Emmylou Harris
  • Josephine Humphreys
  • Robert Inman
  • Dot Jackson
  • Jill McCorkle
  • Joan Medlicott
  • Ron Rash
  • John Shelton Reed
  • Dori Sanders
  • Bland Simpson
  • Jim Wann
  • Lee Smith
  • James Taylor
  • Ashley Warlick


“Reading Hungry for Home is a delightful experience—like visiting the Carolinas without paying for airfare and hotels, meeting many new people (the contributors of the recipes), and pleasing the taste buds without putting on the extra weight. I don't live in the Carolinas and I don't even eat shellfish, but this book has me looking for an opportunity to get there a.s.a.p. and experience some of the touching dimensions of this land. Not to mention get a bite of some of these dishes. The book offers a surprising global sampling from Vietnamese to Creole, West African and Jewish. Author Amy Rogers has made a noble effort to address the urgency of hunger as a tragic reality of American life without robbing the reader of the joy she obviously takes in preparing and exploring foods of the region. Her dedication to representing the poignant and often funny voices and traditions of the truly diverse people of the Carolinas is also commendable—from descendants of slaves to recent Asian immigrants, you'd be surprised! Of course, there are the expected down-home offerings like ham and fried chicken. But with this book, the food is just one-third of the story. The other two-thirds come with the imaginative evocation of region and the individuals you meet in essays provided by contributors along with their recipes. The reader really feels the social connections offered by sharing selected dishes with others. After reading this book, I feel I have met a whole crowd of Carolinians. Next time I visit my sister in Charlotte, I will feel right at home.” —Amazon.comreviewer