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In the Footsteps of Daniel Boone

Randell Jones

John F. Blair, Publisher
$15.95 paperback
5 ½ x 8 ½   
244 pages
Published in 2005

Market hunter, frontier guide, wilderness scout, master woodsman, expert marksman, Indian fighter, militia leader, surveyor, land speculator, judge, sheriff, coroner, elected legislator, merchant, tavern keeper, prisoner of war, Spanish syndic, husband, father—Daniel Boone led one of the fullest and most eventful lives in American history.

Encompassing 85 sites stretched across 11 states, In the Footsteps of Daniel Boone takes readers to the places where Boone lived, hunted, fought, and dreamed of the next frontier.

You’ll find the sites where two of Boone’s sons were killed by Indians, where he rescued his kidnapped daughter from Shawnee captors, where his brother was slain by Indians who mistook him for Boone, where he tricked a British governor, and where he was court-martialed on charges of treason.

In David, Kentucky, you’ll visit the hollow where Daniel Boone saw his first buffalo.

At Fort Boonesborough State Park, you’ll learn how his courage and cunning defeated a Shawnee siege.

At Cumberland Gap, you’ll walk Boone’s Wilderness Trail, by which a quarter-million settlers entered Kentucky.

And in Pennsylvania and Missouri, you’ll see the homes where he was born into and departed this world—a thousand miles, 86 years, and a legendary life apart.



“Randell Jones has contributed a singularly unique work to frontier Americana. His text is very readable and his research sound; and, his portrayal of Boone is an accurate one. Along the way he grapples with a few myths of Boone legend and lore. Most important, Jones's maps and directions will put today's pathfinders squarely on those trails blazed by America's first frontier hero, Daniel Boone." —Ted Franklin Belue, author, The Hunters of Kentucky
"A complete and totally accurate biography to define the life of Daniel Boone still remains a challenge for historians; however, Randell Jones with In the Footsteps of Daniel Boone has gotten as close as any. The unique approach of taking the reader to many of the places where Daniel Boone walked, hunted, and performed services for his country adds an important new dimension to make Randell's account a most enjoyable and interesting way for better understanding one of America's leading legendary figures." —Ken Kamper, historian for the Boone Society, historian for the Daniel Boone and Frontier Families Research Association 
"This is a fun way of introducing Boone's life for the historian as well as the vacationer. Your concept of 'footsteps' of the famous is an excellent combination of teaching and enjoying our country's rich heritage." —Russ Hatter, Assistant Curator of Historic Sites, City of Frankfort