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Inshore Angler: Coastal Carolina's Small Boat Fishing Guide

Mike Marsh

Mike Marsh
$19.95 paperback
6 x 9  
173 pages
black-and-white photos throughout
Published in 2000

Inshore Angler is written for fishermen who travel North Carolina’s section of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and the state’s rivers, sounds, inlets, and marshes in small boats. Its purpose is to give small boat anglers the knowledge they need to become successful at catching the most popular game fish available along the state’s coast, including black drum, bluefish, bonito, cobia, false albacore, flounder, red drum, Spanish mackerel, spotted sea trout, striped bass, and weakfish.

A variety of fishing techniques is discussed, with tips from some of the state’s top inshore fishing guides as well as from Marsh himself. Some of the chapters also include information about the biology and management of the fish. The chapters are compiled in edited form from some of the most popular magazine articles written by the author.

Not only do the chapters tell small boat anglers when and where to catch fish, they also include photographs, maps, and detailed descriptions of the gear, bait, and lures that guides use as well as the locations of many of these professional anglers’ favorite fishing spots. Once an angler reads the description of these special honey holes, he can apply his new knowledge to his home waters and become as successful as the pros.



“Part narrative, part textbook, and all encompassing. Inshore Angler is a must-read for all anglers wanting to better their coastal Carolina fishing. Keep it in your boat, not on your bookshelf.”
Mike Zlotnicki, Managing Editor, Carolina Adventure Magazine
“I have found Inshore Angler by Mike Marsh that is focused along the Carolina Coast to be both interesting and informative. Every outdoorsman will love these stories.”
W. Horace Carter, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist
“Beginners and seasoned fisherman alike will find Mike Marsh’s Inshore Angler a ‘must have’ guide to Carolina’s inshore saltwater fishing. Not only is this book full of practical tips on how, when, and where to catch all of the most sought-after coastal fishing species, it’s so well written that any fisherman with a pulse will thoroughly enjoy reading it just for fun.”
David F. Johnson, Editor, North Carolina Game & Fish Magazine