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Folklore & Ghosts

Jeffrey's Favorite 13 Ghost Stories

Jeffrey's Favorite 13 Ghost Stories
From Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi
Kathryn Tucker Windham

NewSouth Books
$23.95 hardcover
5 x 7
186 pages
Folklore & Ghosts | NewSouth Books

Jeffrey, the ghost that has haunted Kathryn Tucker Windham’s house for 40 years, is back! This time, he helped Mrs. Windham choose 13 of the best stories from her acclaimed series of Southern ghost stories. Introduced in 1969 with 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey, these delightfully mysterious tales relate supernatural doings from across the region. The first volume was so popular that Mrs. Windham followed up with five more. This new volume, with an introduction by the author, is filled with cameos by historical people and historical places, collecting the best of the stories from Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia.

What secrets will Jeffrey reveal inside? Learn why a phantom witch relentlessly torments the Bell family. Gasp as a farmer vanishes into thin air. Read of the image of a young woman that appears on one tombstone, and a light that flickers before another. Puzzle over why visitors hear hoof beats at a haunted hunting lodge. Discover the curse of Barnsley Gardens. Meet “Long Dog,” who haunts the country roads, and find out what brings the ghost collie forever back to Scataway. These and other great examples of Southern folklore offer a ghastly good time for young and old alike.


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