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The Elizabeth Keckley Reader: Volume Two

Sheila Smith McKoy, editor

Eno Publishers
$17.50 paperback
6 x 9
350 pages
February 2017

This title is not yet published.

The Elizabeth Keckley Reader: Volume Two--Artistry, Culture & Commerce--edited by Sheila Smith McKoy, expands on the Elizabeth Keckley Reader series inspired by the remarkable life of Elizabeth Keckley. A slave in Hillsborough, NC, Keckley went on to buy her freedom. She became a noted seamstress in Civil War-era Washington, DC, and was most famously the confidante of Mary Lincoln. Volume Two explores Keckley as an independent businesswoman, acclaimed dress designer, and craftswoman. She achieved critical success within a few years of buying her freedom and went on to design and make couture for some of the nation's most prominent women, including her friend and confidante, First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln.


  • Carolyn Sorisio
  • Katherine Adams
  • Xiomara Santamarina
  • Michele Elam
  • Jill Jepson
  • Janet Neary
  • Elizabeth Way TK
  • Maureen Quilligan
  • Michael Malone
  • Carme Manuel