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The LD Child and the ADHD Child: Ways Parents and Professionals Can Help

Suzanne H. Stevens

John F. Blair, Publisher
$12.95 paperback
5 ½ x 8 ½       
261 pages
Published in 1996

For those who are interested in learning about learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorders, there are five kinds of books on the market:

  1. Inspirational books
  2. Self-help books
  3. Scholarly presentations by highly trained professionals
  4. Success stories
  5. Dire-warnings-of-what-can-happen books

None of the books ever seems to talk about LD/ADHD people who are just plain okay. And there are many such individuals.

The object of this book is to help parents raise their LD and/or ADHD children so that they, too, can grow up to be okay—so that they will be happy, well-adjusted, and successful adults despite the learning and behavior patterns that make them different.

And for the LD and ADHD adults who read this book, the object is to give you control. With knowledge and understanding, it is possible to take charge of your mental processing and direct your physical energy so that differences that have long been handicaps are converted to assets.


“Public libraries will want to purchase this book for their education and parenting collections. It is a brief, upbeat, always realistic look at what learning disabilities are and what problems LD children and parents face at home and at school.”
Library Journal
“A clear, concise handbook for parents. It contains a wealth of valuable suggestions, and its tempered optimism may diminish one’s sense of futility and helplessness.”
Florence Kaslow, PhD, The Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital of Philadelphia
“Ms. Stevens is a remarkable woman with extensive classroom experience. [Her] book is strongly recommended.”
Mariane Watkins, The Associated Press
“Anyone in search of basic information on learning disabilities will certainly find it in [Steven’s book].”
The News & Courier, Charleston, South Carolina