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Roger Reid

NewSouth Books
$14.95 paperback
5 ½ x 8 ½   
136 pages
Published in 2014

Jason Caldwell leaves on a typical camping trip with his scientist parents—or so he thinks. As their plane descends into south Alabama, Jason sees a crime committed in the Conecuh National Forest, and as the mystery deepens, he’ll soon find himself stranded among the longleaf pines, running for his life. Jason and his new forest-smart friend Leah will have to use all their knowledge of the outdoors to navigate the labyrinth of longleaf pines and make it home safely, before a trio of villains catch up and make this unusual camping trip Jason’s last.

Author Roger Reid brings his Conecuh region expertise and love of the outdoors to his thrilling new novel, Longleaf. Set in the real-life Conecuh National Forest, Longleaf is a captivating adventure and an excellent, accurate introduction to the plants and animals of the Conecuh region.


"Fans of Peg Kehret's novels and other middle-grade adventures will want to join Jason on his walk on the wild side." —The Bulletin for the Center for Children's Books
"Longleaf is pleasantly laced throughout with bits of environmental information about birds, amphibians and the trees themselves." —Don Noble, Alabama Public Radio
“During my years of roaming Alabama’s backcountry, I’ve enjoyed many long treks through the vast longleaf wildlands of the Conecuh National Forest. For me, reading this book is as close as I can come to being there without getting sand in my boots.Longleaf brings to life the amazing wild critters and the secret hidden realms that make this forest a land of adventure.” —Dr. Doug Phillips, host, Discovering Alabama