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Lord Baltimore

Stephen Doster

John F. Blair, Publisher
$16.95 paperback
6 x 9    
313 pages
Published in 2005

Country-club slacker Ensworth Harding is in for a surprise on his eighteenth birthday. “Son,” his father tells him, “I give you a great gift today. See that open road? Your destiny lies down there.” Ensworth is then given instructions to deliver a letter to an address in Savannah, Georgia, and warned, “If I hear so much as a peep until your journey is complete, I will disinherit you.”

Early during his forced march to manhood, Ensworth falls in with a bearded, unkempt, Keds-wearing gentleman who is part overgrown forest sprite, part enlightened bum, and part old-time British knight. He calls himself Lord Baltimore, and he thenceforth serves as Ensworth’s guide and mentor.

In the great tradition of the picaresque novel, the two endure a series of misadventures that bring Ensworth little closer to his destination physically but go a long way toward preparing him for it spiritually.

Lord Baltimore is ultimately one of those novels that creates its own universe and whose characters walk the line between the real and fantastic.


“This first novel, a picaresque set in the coastal area of South Georgia, calls to mind some of the best of the genre, including Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. . . . A wonderful coming-of-age novel, [it] will appeal to youth as well as adults for its fantasy, adventure, and basic truths.”
Library Journal
“First-time novelist Doster hits all the right comical and serious notes in this fantastical coming-of-age yarn.”