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Matzo Frogs

Sally Rosenthal

NewSouth Books
$17.95 hardback
8 x 10
32 pages
David Sheldon, illustration
September 2014

When kindhearted Minnie spills the matzo ball soup she is making for Shabbat dinner, the frogs who live in a nearby pond spring into action. They decide to save Minnie’s Shabbat by making a new pot of soup while she is out—a mitzvah from one neighbor to another. Together, the frogs work through the recipe, meeting every challenge with an amphibian solution: chopping carrots by playing leapfrog, using a long, sticky tongue to pull a cookbook off a shelf, and giving each other a helping hop wherever they can.

With creativity and froggy flair, the cold-water chefs make the soup and save Minnie’s dinner. Warm and whimsical, Matzo Frogs conveys an enduring message about the importance of mitzvot, community, and teamwork.


“I like this book because it has frogs, it tells how to make matzo ball soup, and it explains how to do sculpture. Also the frogs look like most of my relatives.” —Daniel Pinkwater, author of Beautiful Yetta, the Yiddish Chicken and Beautiful Yetta’s Hannukah Kitten
“Hurray! Hurray! Matzo frogs to the rescue! Sally Rosenthal takes us on a delightful romp. A picture book with a message.” —Michelle Edwards, author of Chicken Man and Alef-Bet
“I love this story. I laughed so hard. How do I get the frogs to come to my house?” —Eric A. Kimmel, author of Hershel and The Hanukkah Goblins
“What child doesn’t like frogs and matzo ball soup? This appealing combination teaches about the mitzvot of helping others, celebrating Shabbat, and being a good neighbor.” —Rabbi Deborah Bodin Cohen, author of the Engineer Ari series and Nachson, Who Was Afraid to Swim
“I loved Matzo Frogs, found it wonderfully silly—the illustrations are fantastic!” —Sarah Lamstein, author of Big Night for Salamanders