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More Ghosts of Georgetown

Elizabeth Robertson Huntsinger

John F. Blair, Publisher
$12.95 paperback
5 x 8
167 pages
Published in 1998

If you visit Pawleys Island, you may be greeted by a pair of friendly terriers frolicking at the edge of the ocean. If you find yourself at Wedgefield Plantation on a moonlit night, on the other hand, you may come face to face with a pistol-packing soldier amid the sound of hoofbeats and gunfire.

You should feel neither welcomed nor threatened, however, for things are not always as they seem in Georgetown County, South Carolina. The Pawleys Island terriers and the British soldier of Wedgefield are merely a sampling of the ghosts that reside in one of America's most haunted places.

Readers of the 19 stories in More Ghosts of Georgetown will hear moans from the sunken Union flagshipHarvest Moon and the thump of a peg leg on an empty floor of the Rice Museum. They will see the lights of a long-lost schooner off Murrells Inlet and witness the agony of a Georgetown County hag as she wriggles out of her salt-soaked skin. From the Hanging Tree at Lamberttown to the mysterious light of Lucas Bay, they will visit a place supernatural like no other.


“This book will definitely accompany me on my next trip to the South Carolina low country so that I can follow the directions the author so kindly provides to the sites she discusses. Then maybe, just maybe I will see the Terriers of Pawleys Island or the floating coffin of Kinloch Plantation for myself.”
Amazon.com reviewer
“After reading Ghosts of Georgetown for the first time, I had to read the second one. [More Ghosts of Georgetown] was even better.”
Amazon.com reviewer