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North Carolina State Parks: A Niche Guide

Ida Phillips Lynch and Bill Pendergraft

Niche Publishing
$14.95 paperback
6 x 9
123 pages;
color photographs throughout
Published in 2007

Boasting more than 50 parks and natural and recreation areas, North Carolina’s state park system offers something for everyone. The state’s timeless beauty and rich history are reflected in the varied park system holdings, which range from ancient Mount Mitchell to the wind-scoured dunes of Jockey’s Ridge. The state park system is one of North Carolina’s top tourist destinations: twelve million people visit the parks every year. Park visitors have endless recreational opportunities, including hiking, paddling, camping, biking, birding, and boating.

North Carolina State Parks: A Niche Guide is an essential companion for park visitors. The guidebook features cultural and natural history background, key travel information, and evocative color photographs. The book will help make every park visit enjoyable and memorable.


“Those who share my enthusiasm for the outdoors will love North Carolina’s state parks. And North Carolina State Parks: A Niche Guide is an engaging, picturesque tribute to these natural wonders. This book will be a handy guide for visitors, native North Carolinians, and newcomers who want to explore these fascinating places.” —Katherine D. Skinner, executive director, The Nature Conservancy, N.C. Chapter
“North Carolina has well over fifty natural and recreational areas, and North Carolina State Parks: A Niche Guide is here to guide readers through its expansive wilderness to get the most out of their visits—there may even be something here for native North Carolinians that they haven't seen before. Covering every activity it can—hiking, camping, birding, boating, and more—North Carolina State Parks: A Niche Guide is a highly recommended guide with over one hundred full-color pages, filled cover to cover with invaluable information. It's a pick for armchair travelers and real-world travelers alike, and an essential addition to community library travel and nature collections.” —Midwest Book Review