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Newcomer's Guide to Georgia

Don O'Briant

John F. Blair, Publisher
$18.95 paperback
6 x 9    
288 pages
black-and-white photographs throughout
Published in 2009

Welcome to the largest state east of the Mississippi and the fastest-growing state in the South.

You may know Georgia as the home of the Masters, Bill Elliott, the Dawgs, and "America's Team," the Atlanta Braves.

Or as the birthplace of Coke, The Varsity, Paula Deen, and RC Cola.

Or as the state where Ray Charles, Little Richard, and James Brown were raised and the Allman Brothers, R.E.M., and the B-52s were launched.

Or as the literary landscape of Flannery O'Connor, James Dickey, and Alice Walker.

Newcomer's Guide to Georgia is a one-stop overview of the Peach State from historic, haunted Savannah to cutting-edge Atlanta, from the fast-flowing rivers of the Blue Ridge to leisurely Geechee country and the Golden Isles. You'll learn all the basics about Georgia's landscape, climate, history, government, economy, sporting life, recreational opportunities, festivals, cuisines, universities, museums, and mysteries.

Need practical information about hunting and fishing licenses, motor vehicle registration, school immunizations, and taxes?

Want to visit the church where Martin Luther King, Jr., preached or the house where Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone With the Wind?

Want to know how to prepare boiled peanuts so good they'll make Jimmy Carter jealous?

This book has the answers, whether you're a recent transplant or a longtime resident brushing up on all things Georgia.