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Newsvesting: Use News and Opinion to Grow Your Personal Wealth

Matt Towery

Looking Glass Books
October 2015
$22.95 hardcover
6  x 9
184 pages

Newsvesting—understanding the impact of today’s news on personal investments. What if individuals could, at their own speed and using their own skills, learn to feel comfortable enough to guide their financial investments using readily available news, opinions, and analysis? It’s not only possible, but it can have the very same results that the software makers and online algorithm-based predictive sites do. The difference is it’s done in a more methodical manner, one that keeps individual investor’s gut instinct as part of the process, and does so by making it a well-informed and more confident part of the process as well. In recent years it has become fashionable for truly astute investors and financial pundits to suggest that relying on news reports is a risky way to create a portfolio. They indicate there is a professional way to make use of news and public opinion, and it is through sophisticated algorithms, not more rudimentary approaches, including, one would guess, common sense.

Matt Towery does not buy those arguments. In Newsvesting, he shows readers how to take news, public opinion surveys and the vast amount of information available and use it to create and maintain their own investment strategies. Towery includes data from his personal Newsvesting to support his conclusions and serve as a model for readers.


"Newsvesting is a remarkable introduction to a practical, common-sense way of tying the news to your money. If you follow Newsvesting's principles you will make more and lose less. The book’s explanation of how to use public opinion research to invest could have saved investors immensely during the ensuing market correction." —Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
"News isn't just something we should keep up with. News helps us follow and chart age-old patterns and trends that affect your investments. While the news usually can't tell you exactly where to invest, it can help you take advantage of the flow of history and give you a competitive edge. Matt Towery's book Newsvesting is a valuable guide to avoiding surprises and capitalizing on opportunities." —John Fund, The American Spectator, National Review, and former columnist/editorial page member for The Wall Street Journal
“For over two decades of my talk radio career I relied on the research of Matt Towery to keep my listeners informed. Now in my retirement, I find another way to take advantage of Matt’s expertise. His brilliant book Newsvesting has given me added knowledge that will prevent me from having to go back to work!”
—Neal Boortz, retired top national syndicated radio talk show host, bestselling author, and member Radio Hall of Fame member.
Newsvesting is quite good, and the various specific examples of how he used the news to make investment decisions kept my interest up the entire time.” —Mark Skousen, Ph.d, noted economist and publisher of the prominent investment newsletter Forecasts & Strategies. Named one of America’s top 20 living economists
“Matt Towery offers a fascinating new way to look at media and news flows. Not all information and news makes an impact on our investing, and Towery has spent years learning to know the difference. Newsvesting shares his journey into a very new way of dealing with the vast information deluge we experience and making sense—and money—out of it.” —John Mauldin, multiple best-selling author and chairman of Mauldin Economics