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The Nudes of God by James Barfoot

The Nudes of God
James Barfoot
Introduction by Bert Hitchcock

NewSouth Books
$22.00 hardcover
6 x 9   
175 pages
Published in 2001

Carefully honed from the author’s lifetime body of work, The Nudes of God offers a fresh perspective on womanhood, divinity, and the ways in which spirituality and sexuality intersect.

Women are the subject of and inspiration for these poems, which reveal the author’s belief that God’s spirit is immanent in her sexuality. In The Nudes of God, we see that the profound is made simple through her grace.

The Nudes of God is polyphonic song, earthy in its language but characterized by wit and playfulness and wonder. And in his unabashed paean Barfoot proves to a reverent and insightful observer of the divine made flesh.

Says Andrew Hudgins: “In The Nudes of God the body and soul are one. Sometimes that is a great gift, and sometimes it is a great burden. James Barfoot explores both with intelligence, verve, and wit. These are earthy, ecstatic poems.”


“Absence, loss, and sorrow are present in these poems, and Barfoot’s cadences are often elegiac. But ‘the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to’ are redeemed by love in all its manifestations, both human and divine. . . . To read these poems aloud, as they should be read, is to experience the palpable, physical sensations induced by great art, including elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate, shallow breathing, frissons in the scalp, and shivers down the spine. We know, without question, that this is the genuine article.”
Robert Ely, author of Mose T’s Slapout Family Album and Encanchata

“Somewhere between Our Lady and Lolita, Barfoot’s nudes are luminous. A rich vein of humor, often bawdy, plays about these poems, and this surprises and pleases us. The variety of Nudes is amazing, and the seeming ease of execution belies the careful craftsmanship in every line.”
Rosemary Franklin

The Nudes of God challenges, confounds, amuses, offends, and inspires. An utterly original book, it grabs our attention like a jolt of electricity and never lets go.”
Peter Huggins