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Ocracoke Between the Storms: A Story of Love and Healing on the Outer Banks

Edward P. Norvell

Edward P. Norvell
$15.95 paperback
6 x 9  
224 pages
April 1, 2013

After losing his beloved wife four months earlier, Luke Harrison plans to end his tormented life by walking into the surf at the southern end of Ocracoke Island. But retiree Hank Kilgo has a different plan for the young Luke. After rescuing Luke from drowning, Hank brings him home to his wife Cora. Cora sees her own son in Luke and immediately starts to rekindle Luke’s will to live.

Over the next two years, Luke comes to know the permanent residents as well as the seasonal workers who staff the local bars, restaurants, and summer attractions during Ocracoke’s tourist season. As he gets to know the people of Ocracoke, he is drawn to their strong sense of community and admires their close ties to nature. His newfound friends quickly expose him to all the local entertainment options, which range from bonfires on the beach at night and day trips to the Vera Cruz sandbar to clamming, scalloping, and fishing. He also learns about the long history of the island as well as the current controversies that dominate local politics.

As time passes, the magic of Ocracoke and its people begin to heal Luke’s wounds. He finally arrives at a point in his life where he realizes that he has been given a second chance at life and vows to start his life anew.


"If love of place is the coin of great fiction, then Edward P. Norvell is a wealthy writer indeed. In his latest novel, Ocracoke Between the Storms, his passion for the North Carolina coast shines as brightly as ever. We see it in his depiction of the place and its people, in the rhythm of life in such a beautiful corner of the world. If you love the South or value stories of love and loss, then this book is a must-read." --John Hart, New York Times best-selling author of Iron House
"Edward P. Norvell uses the age-old customs, flavors, and beauty of his beloved Ocracoke Island to set the scene for a story of heartbreak and healing." --Elizabeth Cook, Salisbury Post
"Edward P. Norvell's love for North Carolina, especially Ocracoke, shines through in his latest novel, a paean to the wonders of the Outer Banks and to the triumph of love over adversity." --Mary Jane Park, Tampa Bay Times