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Old Favorite Honey Recipes

American Honey Producers

Bright Mountain Books
$10.00 paperback
6 x 9  
144 pages
Published in 2010

First published in 1941 by the American Honey Institute, Old Favorite Honey Recipes was expanded in 1945 and reprinted several times between 1958 and 1977. The Iowa Honey Producers introduced The Honey Recipe Book in 1971. In 1991 the two books were combined into one handy volume and published by Meyerbooks under the title Old Favorite Honey Recipes. With this 2010 edition, Historical Images is pleased to see this popular classic back in the hands of American cooks.

The book has been redesigned typographically to allow measurements to be standardized and to eliminate duplication of honey facts and hints for its use. Such material has been gathered from both books into Honey Facts and Hints, omitting now-irrelevant or out-of-date material and adding notes to update some ingredients or preparation methods.