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An Old Salem Christmas 1840

Karen Cecil Smith

Parkway Publishers
$14.95 hardcover
11 x 8 ½  
32 pages
color illustrations throughout
Illustrated by Bebe Phipps
Published in 2008

A young girl experiences the wonder and excitement of Christmas as she attends a Moravian Lovefeast celebration in 1840 Salem, North Carolina. She joins in the candlelight service of sacred music and texts, and she savors a sweet roll and cup of milky coffee, which still are served at traditional Lovefeasts.

Moravians are a Protestant sect that originated in what is now the Czech Republic. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was the first permanent Moravian settlement in Colonial America. From Pennsylvania, Moravians traveled to North Carolina where they established settlements in Bethabara and Bethania. In 1766, they founded the town of Salem. The restored historic village of Salem is part of Old Salem Museums and Gardens in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.