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Presidential Places: A Guide to the Historic Sites of U.S. Presidents

Gary Ferris

John F. Blair, Publisher
$15.95 paperback
7 ½ x 8 ½      
284 pages
black-and-white photos throughout
Published in 1999

Author Gary Ferris does more than take readers to where John F. Kennedy was shot and where Ulysses S. Grant was buried. Included here—for the first time between two covers—are the places where all 42 presidents were born, lived, went to school, worshipped, were married, were inaugurated, died, were buried, and are honored.

You'll visit the site of Harry S. Truman's haberdashery, the former cafe where Lyndon Baines Johnson developed his fondness for chili, and Jimmy Carter's famous Smiling Peanut Statue. You'll discover the California hotel where the Nixons married and the Reagans honeymooned. And the Vermont home where Calvin Coolidge was inaugurated by his own father at 2:47 a.m. one day. And the Ohio dormitory where curious students broke down the wall of Rutherford B. Hayes's former room. And the churchyard where George Washington first told friends he would fight for independence.

The book's geographic index will help families locate presidential sites wherever they travel, and its listings of schedules and fees will aid them in planning visits that are sure to be both entertaining and educational.


“This highly useful book is a guide to historic places of interest relating to all the American presidents. Included are, among other things, presidential birthplaces, where they lived, where they went to school, the churches they attended, where they are buried, and the monuments, museums, and libraries dedicated to their lives and administrations. Ferris, a director at the Pennsylvania Red Cross, lives near the Valley Forge National Historic Park, just one of the scores of presidential sites mentioned. This book is a rich source for all things relating to the lives and legacies of the presidents, from Jimmy Carter's Smiling Peanut statue to Grant's Tomb and the youthful haunts of Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Lincoln, and both Roosevelts. It should be useful for both scholars and lay readers.” —Library Journal
“I've read all of the presidential sites books, and this is the most informative one out there. If you travel and want to visit the presidential sites, this is the book you need.” —Amazon.com reviewer