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Promise Point: God's Hope, A Family Restored

Harriet Sulcer

Looking Glass Books
$20.00 hardcover
5.5 x 8.5
208 pages
August 2015

Harriet Sulcer didn’t want anybody to know her husband had left home. For more than twenty years she had been leading Bible studies on “The Christian Family,” and now her own family was falling apart. If I don’t tell anybody, she thought, maybe Lou will come home before they find out. Lou was gone for ten years. During that time, their teenage son began his own prodigal journey. Harriet fell into depression and then financial bankruptcy, losing her home, then losing herself. As she lay in the hospital bed, Harriet’s daughter told her, “They want to move you to the fifth floor. That’s the psychiatric ward. Don’t you understand? They cannot help you here. What’s brought you to this hospital is you’ve tried to fix everything, and the bottom line is you can’t fix any of it.”

So Harriet went home, and her nineteen-year-old daughter cared for her. Harriet held her broken family out to God the way a child might give a broken toy to a parent to be fixed. She took her hands off, and she waited, believing, but knowing that God might not complete the work in her lifetime. 

Promise Point tells a powerful story of God’s faithfulness—of promises broken and promises kept.