The Revolt and 28 More Original Uwharrie Ghost Stories

Fred T. Morgan

Bandit Books
$10.95 paperback
5.5 x 8.5           
160 pages
January 2004

North Carolina's ancient Uwharrie Mountains look stately and beautiful in the daylight, but when the sun goes down, nightmarish secrets reveal themselves.

The title story tells of a graveyard that can't hold those buried in it, as the dead revolt against the lack of respect they receive from the living. Another tells the legend of a prospector who returns from the grave to take revenge on his murderers. In one story, a ghostly white deer moves silently through the woods, stalking hunters. In another, a benevolent man suffers a curse from a witch shortly before his death; sure enough, his ghost turns evil. Then there's the murderous specter called Indian Joe, who thrives on the fear of humans about to die violently.

Those of us who know and love the Uwharries, as well as those who just love spooky stories, won't be able to put down Morgan's latest collection.