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Rustic Construction: Making Furniture, Fixtures & Outdoor Structures Using Bark, Branches & Slab Lumber

W. Ben Hunt

Bright Mountain Books
$9.00 paperback
6 x 9
82 pages
8 black-and-white photographs
121 line drawings
Published in 1939

This book offers clear and precise instructions for making attractive “lodge look” renditions of furniture, lamps, shelves, and other interior fixtures using slab lumber and objects found in nature. Outdoor projects include birdhouses, fences, gates, arbors, road signs, wayside stands—even bridges.

Slab lumber has the bark still attached. Many rural lumberyards and one-man, portable sawmills still produce this kind of lumber. Roots, twigs, branches, and bark are also employed in rustic construction.

First published in 1939, this classic is once again in print.


"This book is a must for anyone who is interested in building with natural materials. It's a great resource - whether you're a beginning builder or a master craftsman!" —Lang Hornthal, owner/craftsman, Appalachian Designs
"Hunt influenced thousands - no, tens of thousands of people. When you have a person with that much influence on so many people, he's important." —Alan Pape, log cabin builder/historian