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Sailing to Alluvium

John Pritchard

NewSouth Books
$27.95 hardcover
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
400 pages
November 1, 2013

Sailing to Alluvium is the third installment in John Pritchard’s critically acclaimed series that follows the antics of Junior Ray and his buddy, Voyd Mudd.

The first book, Junior Ray, became an underground classic, which was praised by Harry Crews, dubbed “hilariously tasteless” by Publishers Weekly, and won a spot on the Barnes & Noble Top Ten Sensational Debut Novels list for 2005. In the eponymously entitled Junior Ray, the duo pursued an elusive psychotic with the aim of “shooting” him but failed to do so.

In Pritchard’s second book, The Yazoo Blues, Junior Ray spends a great deal of time explaining an obscure Northern military fiasco on the Tallahatchie River and simultaneously tells the reader about his new-found joys in “Meffis” at the Magic Pussy Cabaret & Club.

Now, in the third installment, Junior Ray and Voyd become “diktectives” in order to solve a not-so-mysterious murder mystery.

John Pritchard’s work fits well between the singing prose of James Agee and the rustic lampoon and high humor of Erskine Caldwell. The reader is treated to a unique brand of dark funniness that closes the divide between burlesque and metaphysics, fuses the profane with the sublime, and explains the Deep South as no other writer has done before.


"Those who enjoy dark humor, persnickety personality, and tales of human frailty should enjoy this novel. Pritchard has brought the Delta to life in the character of Junior Ray with a masterful, fluid, and experienced hand. William Faulkner would be proud." —Janine Stinson in Foreword Reviews
"Gotdam! Junior Ray is back, bigger and bawdier than ever in what is not only a first-rate 'diktecktive' story but a veritable feast for the body and soul. In addition to elegant musings, both poetic and philosophical, this amazing book also offers numerous recipes for dishes such as'Junior Ray's Famous KKKobbler,' that are certain to set Delta gourmets to salivating from Midnight to Moon Lake."
—James C. Cobb, Spalding Distinguished Professor of History at the University of Georgia and the author of The Most Southern Place on Earth
"Honed from the rough roads of dialect, the language within defines Pritchard as one of our great Southern writers. The man has an ear for the voice of his people, and he’s twisted their words into a tough, raunchy, comic roller-coasting romp, corkscrewing us down the byways of a Delta that is more than likely not traveled by the average tourist, but should be."
—Frank Bill, author of Crimes in Southern Indiana & Donnybrook
"Like his protagonist, John Pritchard's novel is outrageous and ribald, a revolt against the literary school of manners and a ride that takes Southern gothic to new extremes." —Curtis Wilkie, author of Arkansas Mischief