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Saltwater Cowboys

Bill Morris

John F. Blair, Publisher
$13.00 paperback
5 ½ x 8 ½     
103 pages
Published in 2004

Dodge Lawson has been around Croaker Neck long enough to see his share of strange things. But lately strange doesn’t begin to describe what’s been happening in this small fishing village. Sea turtles are turning up in the most unusual places—a hotel Jacuzzi, a country club fountain, and even in the back of a pickup truck. Dodge, who is paid to return the turtles to the sea, wants to know who’s behind the eco-pranks. It just might be his friends—a dying breed of backwater buckaroos struggling to regain their traditions and self-sufficient way of life.

His best friend is Johnny Bollard, a shrimper whose ready smile and gifts with the hoi toide language land him a guest appearance before the state legislature. Then there’s Digger Davis, the charterboat skipper who lost his captain’s license over an herbal indiscretion. And Pogy, the town mystic, whose necklace of Indian arrowheads lets him whistle past the Graveyard of the Atlantic.

Dodge is the man in the middle, a dingbatter in love with a beautiful redhead on her own mission: saving the sea turtles. When a Yankee filmmaker down to his last reel shows up in town, the pranks escalate and events spiral out of control.

A story about a group of n’er-do-wells who succeed in spite of their own shortcomings, Saltwater Cowboys is irresistibly funny and sure to reel you in


“. . . a hilarious and heart-rending tale that you’ll read and re-read. With pleasure.” —Loyd Little, author of Parthion Shot, winner of the PEN Hemingway Award
“The best fictional take on what’s really happening on Carolina’s central coast since Margaret Maron’s Shooting at Loons. Catch this rowdy ride!” —Bland Simpson, author of Ghost Ship of Diamond Shoals and Into the Sound Country