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Sing for Freedom: The Story of the Civil Rights Movement Through Its Songs

Guy Carawan and Candie Carawan

NewSouth Books
$25.95 paperback
7 x 10       
266 pages
black-and-white photos & musical scores
Julian Bond, foreword
Published in 2007

Two classic collections of freedom songs, We Shall Overcome (1963) and Freedom Is a Constant Struggle(1968), are reprinted here in a single edition which includes a major new introduction by the editors, words and music to songs, important documentary photographs, and scores of firsthand accounts by participants in this key movement which reshaped history.


“In Sing for Freedom, Guy and Candie Carawan have crafted an invaluable and indispensable guide to the songs that illuminated the soul and spirit of our freedom struggle. This richly illustrated and beautifully written book reveals the inspiring, healing and liberating power of song in social struggle. It is a major contribution to our heritage and it should be read and treasured by freedom- and justice-loving people everywhere.” —Coretta Scott King
“More than a songbook, this collection places the important repertoire of the civil rights movement in historical perspective with photographs, interviews and oral histories of activists. Guy and Candie Carawan traveled through the South in the early 1960s with tape recorder, guitar, and banjo in hand—taking part, joining in the music, and collecting the songs and experiences of those making history. This book breathes with the spirit of those exciting times.” —Harry Balafonte
“If it hadn’t been for Guy and Candie Carawan, many of these songs might have been lost to history. How lucky America is that these priceless collections are now in print again. Freedom-loving people around the world and in future centuries will continue to be inspired by these songs, learn from them, and use them in their own struggles for a better world.” —Pete Seeger