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Spit, Scarey Ann, & Sweat Bees: One Thing Leads to Another

Kathryn Tucker Windham

NewSouth Books
$20.00 hardcover
5 x 7  
112 pages
July 2009

Kathryn Tucker Windham’s Spit, Scarey Ann, and Sweat Bees is a magical romp through the author’s childhood in the Deep South during the twenties and thirties. Mrs. Windham examines intrinsic country values that she was brought up on, and gives us a true sense of the Southern temperament of that time. The story brings to life old superstitions like “If a grasshopper spits in your eye, you’ll go blind” and the silly games children played to pass the time. We aretransported to a simpler way of life where entertainment is the world around you—from the doodle bugs that she and her friend Bessie Gray catch on spit-baited straws, to the decorated frog houses that they build with mud pies and lightning bug tails. This book is sure to please every nostalgic bone in your body.