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The Successful Gardener Guide: North Carolina

Leah Chester-Davis and Toby Bost

John F. Blair, Publisher
$19.95 paperback with flaps
6 x 9  
254 pages
250 color photos
April 2011

Eleven years ago, Leah Chester-Davis founded Extension’s Successful Gardener®, a newsletter published by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension to address the high demand for gardening information across the state. Toby Bost, extension agent and acclaimed garden-book author, joined her team. Together, they worked with horticulture experts statewide to deliver a top-quality gardening publication to North Carolinians. The newsletter has won numerous awards through the years, including the Garden Writers Association Award.

The Successful Gardener® Guide: North Carolina is a compilation of the best material from 10 years of research for the Extension’s Successful Gardener® newsletter. Novice and expert gardeners alike will find useful information in this book’s six color-coded, easy-to-reference chapters.

  • Extension agents address common gardening concerns and recommend ecologically sound principles for pest and garden management.
  • Plant species and cultivars from tried-and-true favorites to new introductions are specifically recommended for North Carolina’s zones.
  • Monthly calendars for the mountains, Piedmont, and coastal regions of the state provide seasonal gardening advice.
  • A collection of the best “Enviro-Tips” offers budget-friendly advice for a sustainable landscape.
  • The state’s most frequently asked questions about pest management and plant-growing concerns are answered.
  • Detailed descriptions and planting tips are offered for some of the best and most exciting plant introductions.

Readers can rely on the information in The Successful Gardener® Guide: North Carolina as scientifically accurate and written for gardens in their region. Thousands of North Carolina gardeners have benefitted from the research of extension agents. Now, they have the best and most useful information in one accessible volume.