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Tales Along the King's Highway of South Carolina

Blanche W. Floyd

Bandit Books
$12.95 paperback
6 x 9  
163 pages
black-and-white photographs
Published in 1999

In Tales along the King's Highway of South Carolina, Blanche W. Floyd spins yarns of pirates and plantations, ghosts and killer storms. She relates stories from the Coastal Plain like the lost Sewee Indian tribe, the ghostly doctor that keeps returning to Litchfield Manor, the bloody deeds of pirates Anne Bonney and Stede Bonnet, American Revolution battles won and lost, the vast wealth of plantations that disappeared after the Civil War, the still-heard scream of an architect that plummeted to his death from a church roof, and many others. As she did in her last book, Tales Along the Grand Strand of South Carolina, Floyd again explores the folklore, unusual history, and culture of a beautiful region.