Tasia's Table: Cooking with the Artisan Cheesemaker at Belle Chevre

Tasia Malakasis

NewSouth Books
$29.95 hardcover
9½ x 10  
176 pages
300 color photographs
Stephanie Schamban, photography
Natalie Chanin, foreword
September 2012

Tasia’s Table is a collection of recipes and stories from the award-winning cheesemaker at Belle Chèvre. Tasia Malakasis’s circuitous career journey led her to a small fromagerie in Elkmont, Alabama, from which she now demystifies cooking with artisan cheese and shares her passion and philosophy on food with home cooks across the country. In this beautiful book, she offers recipes from the cultural influences—both Southern and Greek—that shape the setting of her table for friends and family daily. From goat cheese frittatas to goat cheese ice cream to saganaki and buttermilk biscuits, she gives an inviting glimpse into diverse, rich, and rustic culinary traditions that readers can embrace in their own kitchens. They may want to start their own fromagerie or at the very least their own Sunday supper tradition after reading Tasia’s recipes and the stories that changed her life.


“In addition to producing award-winning cheeses, Tasia is also on a mission to spread the good news about her locally made products.” —Southern Living
“As Tasia continues to follow her passion, our palates continue to appreciate her worth.” —Cooking with Paula Deen
“Since its beginnings in 1989, the label has earned the kind of cult status that puts small artisans on the map.” —Cooking Light
“Belle Chèvre’s goat cheese is as good as any in the world, period.” —Steven Jenkins, cheese critic