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A Taste of Ohio History: A Guide to Historic Eateries and Their Recipes

Debbie Nunley and Karen Jane Elliott

John F. Blair, Publisher
$21.95 paperback
7 ½ x 8 ½
243 pages
illustrations throughout
Published in 2007

Diners at Doc Henderson’s in Marysville can enjoy a slice of Buckeye Cheesecake amidst the welcoming environment of a former physician’s home.

Guests at The Golden Lamb in Lebanon and The Florentine Restaurant in Germantown have the opportunity to sup at the two oldest inns in Ohio.

Those who come to Carrollton’s Bluebird Farm Restaurant can savor home-style fare and then mosey through the adjacent toy museum as part of their outing.

Each of the 102 restaurants in this second edition of A Taste of Ohio History has a story to tell—like The Phoenix in downtown Cincinnati, a fabulous example of Italian Renaissance architecture that once served as a gentlemen’s club. Authors Debbie Nunley and Karen Jane Elliott culled a list of more than 500 Ohio restaurants to come up with those featured in the first edition. For the second edition, the authors scrutinized more than 100 new locales and touched base with the original entries. The resulting collection includes some of their old haunts, along with fun new finds. Most are housed in buildings over 100 years old. Restaurants in old train stations, hardware stores, churches, schools, jails, frontier cabins, farmhouses—whatever your preferred ambiance, you’ll find it here.

Of equal interest are the chefs’ choice recipes from each restaurant. Readers can thus prepare their favorite dishes, whether their taste inclines toward the familiar—like Apple Cake or Cherry Cream Pie—or the adventurous—like Poached Beef Tenderloin with Green Peppercorn Sabayon or Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Orange, Leeks, and Mint.


“Having loved A Taste of Pennslyvania History, I was so excited to get this book. A Taste of Ohio History is just as wonderful as the authors' first book. Plan on getting every book in the series—I look forward to all 50 books (just ordered Virginia and anxiously await Maryland). The writing is wonderful and the descriptions of the restaurants and the recipes are such a great addition to my kitchen bookshelf.”
 —Amazon.com reviewer