Three Days Dead: A Donald Youngblood Mystery

Keith Donnelly

Hummingbird Books
$24.95 hardcover
6 x 9
304 pages
August 2009

When Tennessee private investigator Donald Youngblood solved the Fairchild case in Three Deuces Down, he vowed never again to go hunting for a missing person. With live-in-love and Mountain Center cop, Mary Sanders, and his faithful black Standard Poodle, Jake, Don’s life has settled back into its old routine.

All of that is about to change. An attractive, precocious teenaged girl shows up in his office one morning needing help finding her missing mother.

Now, Don must track down a mother gone wrong while trying to find her abandoned daughter a proper home before child welfare gets the scent. To complicate matters, an old flame, Sandy Smith, is being harassed by a former boyfriend, who is not what he appears to be, and Sandy is begging Don to do something about it.

Tracking down the missing mother with the help of his best friend and partner, Billy Two Feathers, and Don’s ever-dangerous new friend, Roy Husky, the trail of clues leads to a Las Vegas confrontation where Don comes face to face with the evil henchmen of Vegas bad boy, Victor the Viper, and nearly pays the ultimate price.


"Big surprises in debut whodunit, Donnelly finds right blend of actions, characters." —Edward Clarkin, BostonNOW
"A high-stakes conflict ensues, where cunning is just as crucial to staying alive as dexterity and sweat! The forthcoming second Donald Youngblood mystery, Three Days Dead, can't arrive soon enough." —Midwest Book Review
"[Donnelly's] words are breezy with lots of dialogue. His characters are funny and romantic." —Joe Tennis, Bristol (VA) Herald Courier
"Three Deuces Down is a fast-paced, page-turning book that readers might compare with John Grisham's novels. No heavy lifting, but a book you won't want to put down." —Joe Biddle, The Tennessean