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Three Deadly Drops: A Donald Youngblood Mystery

Keith Donnelly

Hummingbird Books
$26.95 hardcover
6 x 9  
304 pages
September 2012 

In the fourth Donald Youngblood mystery, more than a year has passed since Don closed the file on the Three Devils case. His personal life is trending upward, his business is booming, and no one has come to him with a case likely to get him killed.

All of that changes when Jessica Crane walks into Don’s office, asking him to look into the apparent heart-attack death of her husband. Don is convinced that Mrs. Crane’s request is just the delusion of a grieving widow, but as he goes through the motions of his investigations, he uncovers a mysterious note and a 20-year-old photograph of a group of soldiers known as the Southside Seven. Don soon thinks the grieving widow might be on to something.

The Silver Star, a soldier with a stress problem, an Army Ranger black ops mission gone wrong, a mysterious assassin, and a missing vial are all pieces to the puzzle that Don races to fit together before anyone else dies.

In the desert of New Mexico, the bayou country of Louisiana, the mean streets of Memphis, and small towns in South Carolina and Kentucky, a haunting mystery unfolds as Donald Youngblood uncovers a startling secret from Desert Storm that haunted the seven men who shared it.


“Donnelly cruises through another funny, engrossing tale of Donald ‘Don’ Youngblood's mysteries with Three Devils Dancing . . . . Before you know it, the pages are flying. . . . It's a whirlwind of words worth riding.” —Joe Tennis, Bristol (Va.) Herald-Courier
"Three Deuces Down and Three Days Dead are as rich in texture, charm, and personality as the East Tennessee mountains in which much of the action is set. The well-written, fast-paced novels are full of engaging characters and compelling plots and are so entertaining that you'll be disappointed they have to end." —Bill Noel, author of the Folly Beach Mystery Series
"It is difficult to find entertaining, fast-moving, can't-put-it-down mysteries, but Keith Donnelly acomplishes it all in the Donald Youngblood Mystery Series. Three Devils Dancing will again prove Donnelly's genius as a true storyteller." —Larry Reid, talk-show host, WBGZ
"Keeps the reader alive, and wanting for more... Although [Three Days Dead] stands well by itself, a wise reader would pick upThree Deuces Down to get the full flavor of the characters. A perfect pair of books for the snowy days ahead." —Edward Clarkin, New Britain Herald/Bristol Press
"Keith Donnelly's... Three Deuces Down and Three Days Dead are well-written, enjoyable tales that blend elements of the traditional PI novel with the flavor of the present-day South. Donnelly's Tennessee private investigator, Don Youngblood, is realistically portrayed as competent, likable, and flawed, as are the supporting characters, such as business partner and best friend Billy Two-Feathers and the mysterious and dangerous Roy Husky. Don's standard poodle, Jake, adds another dimension to the books, providing an opportunity for the tough-guy PI to show his sensitive side." —Jaden E. Terrell, author of Racing the Devil
"Donnelly puts the reader at ease. Nothing complicated, just a comfortable read that leaves you asking when his next book will be finished. He continues to develop the characters in the series, and you will soon feel you have intimate knowledge of them... His books don't come with a money-back guarantee you will like them, but they should."
—Joe Biddle, sports columnist, The Tennessean
"Don is an extremely likable character that you enjoy sharing your time with ... A fast, easy, enjoyable P.I./"whodoneit" type book that woman and men can both enjoy." —Idgie, Dew on the Kudzu: Celebrating the Southern Written Word