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Touring South Carolina's Revolutionary War Sites

Daniel W. Barefoot

John F. Blair, Publisher
$21.95 paperback
7 ½ x 8 ½      
338 pages
black-and-white photos and maps throughout
Published in 1998

The Swamp Fox.

The Gamecock.

The Fighting Elder.

Old Hickory.

The names from Revolutionary War South Carolina are some of the most famous in United States military history. Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox," ran the British ragged in the Low Country. Thomas Sumter, the "Gamecock," was the headstrong, controversial general of the Piedmont. Andrew Pickens, the "Fighting Elder," kept partisan spirit alive in the Upcountry. The young Andrew Jackson, "Old Hickory," endured wartime tragedy to find the indomitable character that would carry him to the presidency. 

With a little help from friends such as Nathanael Greene and Daniel Morgan, these warriors fought for liberty against Redcoats like Banastre Tarleton and Torries like Bloody Bill Cunningham at places as renowned as the men themselves—Cowpens, Camden, Kings Mountain, Ninety Six, Sullivan's Island. 

The 21 tours in this book tell about Revolutionary War South Carolina at the sites where events occurred—at the homes of participants, on battlefields, at the graves of men and women who sacrificed for freedom.

South Carolinians maintain that their home saw more Revolutionary War action than any other colony—over 200 battles and skirmishes. Readers will quickly perceive the truth behind the Palmetto State's claim of being the "Battleground of Freedom."