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A Travel Guide to Black Historical Sites and Landmarks in North Carolina

Lenwood G. Davis

Bandit Books
$9.95 paperback
5 ¼ x 8
231 pages
black-and-white photos throughout
Published in 1991

More than ten million visitors come to North Carolina every year, and undoubtedly many of them would visit Black historical sites if they knew where such sites were located. This is the first and only guide to Black historical sites and landmarks in North Carolina. This book is designed for the general public, as well as tourists. Moreover, travel agencies, libraries, federal, state and local governments, Chambers of Commerce, Welcome Centers, public schools, as well as researchers and writers will find use for this book. The reader can see and touch the physical evidence of Blacks' contributions and achievements in this state through their monuments, buildings, churches, landmarks, colleges, and highway markers.

Blacks in North Carolina have made significant contributions to the construction and development of this state, yet few people are aware of this fact, because their deeds are seldom recorded in history books. Some local residents, however, have erected permanent monuments and markers to honor Black individuals and their achievements. Hence, future generations can honor their memory. This work serves as a guide to places in North Carolina that testify to the role that Blacks have played in helping to build the Tar Heel state.