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Uwharrie Bizarres: Colorful Characters from America's Oldest Mountains

Fred T. Morgan

Bandit Books
$15.95 paperback
6 x 9     
200 pages
black-and-white photos throughout
Published in 2007

From Fred T. Morgan, the master of Uwharrie folklore, comes the last in a book series that spans 50 years of research. Uwharrie Bizarres will convince you that there are more than just natural wonders in North America's oldest mountains. Morgan has once again uncovered uniquely colorful, oddball, bohemian, mystic, or just plain eerie characters. Some will make you think, some will make you laugh, and others will scare the daylights out of you.


“Fred T. Morgan is a natural raconteur with an untrained but keen sense of human psychology. He knows when to recede and let his subjects take over the telling, and he also knows not to get in their way as they tell. And so we get not only the amazing story, but also the colorful personality behind it. Indeed, as he states in his introduction to this collection [Uwharrie Bizarres], Morgan has assembled a host of Uwharrie characters, unique and genuine, and all of them breathing, walking, acting the things they tell him. From the old hermit, bearded to his overalled knees, to the farmer with an ingenious shoo-fly contraption, to the man who carves rainbows on slate tombstones, these people speak to us of our shared and varied American and Southern backgrounds. We are an ingenious people, eccentric and proud, able to adapt to hardships, quick to anger and quick to laugh, and always willing to share our stories. I believe Fred T. Morgan has delivered a major work here to the library of American folklore.” —Heather Ross Miller, internationally renowned poet, novelist, and teacher