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Vince Dooley's Garden: A Horticultural Journey of a Football Coach

Vince Dooley

NewSouth Books
$35.00 hardcover
10 x 10
200 pages
35 color paintings and 100 color photographs
Steve Penley, paintings
April 2010

The name Vince Dooley is synonymous with football in the South. More recently, the retired University of Georgia head football coach has gained renown as one of the region's finest gardeners. Following the lead of his mentors, respected horticulturalists at the University of Georgia, Dooley has created a spectacular garden around the home that he and wife Barbara have lived in since 1964. The University of Georgia Department of Horticulture honored Dooley by naming a rose after him, along with the Dooley hydrangea, a unique variety discovered in Dooley's garden. Vince Dooley's Garden tells of the former coach's twenty-year full-time commitment to gardening. Steve Penley's exceptional paintings complement the story perfectly, along with nearly 100 color photographs of Dooley's garden.