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Way Down Dead in Dixie

Caroline Cousins

John F. Blair, Publisher
$16.95 paperback
5 ½ x 8 ½     
178 pages
Published in 2007

Indigo Island and Pinckney Plantation are sweltering under the South Carolina sun as tourists invade in advance of the Fourth of July holiday. But when three cousins who fancy themselves amateur sleuths come upon a long-ago runaway's skeletal remains, the cold case casts a chill on summer fun. Still, it doesn't keep the cousins from planning for a parade and a picnic even as they dig into the island's haunted history while hunting for treasures at an estate sale. Then there's a fire, a suspicious death, and fireworks aplenty as the tables turn. Someone is after the cousins. Is it because they may have discovered a priceless piece of antique jewelry? Or because of what's hidden in the pages of an old diary—a secret to die for? Southern manners again meet mystery as our heroines try to solve the case. Readers everywhere will welcome the return of the detective trio Publishers Weekly calls "a triple treat."


“A coffin in the parlor of Indigo Island's Pinkney Plantation is the set piece for the locals—including three cousins, Lindsey Fox, Margaret Ann (‘Mam’) Matthew and Bonnie Lynn Tyler—to pay their respects to the deceased eccentric Miss Eliza Comfort Bailey at the start of the pseudonymous Cousins's atmospheric third cozy set on the South Carolina coast (after 2005's Marsh Madness). Dripping with sweat in the early July sun, the cousins later discover more than weeds in the overrun graveyard when they clean up the cemetery in advance of Miss Eliza's burial. Lindsey literally trips over the skeleton of Miss Eliza's granddaughter Becky Bailey (identified by her high school ring), who supposedly drowned in Hurricane Camille more than 30 years earlier. Add the discovery of Becky's diary and a missing heirloom diamond to the mix, and the plot heats up like the Low Country summer. Fans will appreciate the camaraderie among the three cousins in this breezy beach read.” —Publishers Weekly