The World's Number One, Flat-Out, All-Time Great Stock Car Racing Book: 20th Anniversary Edition

Jerry Bledsoe

Down Home Press
$13.95 paperback
5 ¼ x 8 ¼ 
335 pages
Published in 1975

On Labor Day weekend of 1972, journalist Jerry Bledsoe hooked up with the stock car racing circuit to begin research for his first book. The result of his efforts, first published by Doubleday in February, 1975, has been called the classic work on stock car racing. More, though, than a book about racing, it is a close-up look at a cultural phenomenon.


“To read this book is to live in the aura of the stock car racing circuit. Jerry Bledsoe tells it like it is, no holds or language barred. You will have a grandstand seat with an intimate view of the drivers, great and small, and their colorful associates.” —Bulb Horn
“Easily the best handling of the subject of stock car racing in America. . . . One of those few books you’re going to want to pull out about once a year and read again. Or pass on to a friend. Or keep in the glove compartment of your car like a road map of your memories.” —Stock Car Racing Magazine
“The finest book on any kind of motor racing.” —Car and Driver
“Bledsoe’s look at the four-wheeled South is friendly but unsentimental, and his book is a splendid piece of reporting.” —Jonathan Yardley, Sports Illustrated
“Jerry Bledsoe captures what the sport is all about—people: down-to-earth, straight-forward, God-fearing, dirty-nailed people, winning, losing, fighting, loving, and dying. But his book is more than a good-ol’-boy version of a Harold Robbins novel. It’s a concise, complete history of stock car racing.” —Chicago Daily News
“Flat out throbs with fascinating characters.” —Charlotte News