Sybil Morial at LSU Readers and Writers

  • Louisiana State University Art & Design Building Room 103 Baton Rouge, LA 70803 United States

Sybil’s memoir reveals a woman whose intelligence overrides the clichés of racial division. In its pages, we catch rare glimpses of black professionals in an earlier New Orleans, when races, though socially isolated, lived side by side; when social connections helped to circumvent Jim Crow; when African-American culture forged New Orleans—and American—identity.

Through loving eyes, Sybil traces the rise of her sons and daughters: After Dutch’s death, Marc Morial, serves two terms as New Orleans mayor. Sybil’s other children—a physician, a public policy strategist, a community development director, and a judge—lead and serve their communities before, and after, Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. 
Ambassador Andrew Young notes: “It is doubtful that New Orleans could have produced two mayors with the dynamic, creative, and visionary leadership of “Dutch” and Marc without a wife and mother of Sybil’s loving strength, intelligence, and moral courage. But the life she lived in the crucible times, and her perception of the civil rights movement in New Orleans, goes far beyond that.”